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a dog on top of a burro

by on Sep.06, 2011, under Funny Stuff

Some cool funny images:

a dog on top of a burro
Image by deflam
Just a funny playful photo. Not sure if that was the dog’s habit, or maybe someone just put him there. Seems the burro doesn’t mind though. At first I thought it was a cow. I was told otherwise by mom.

Globe, Arizona. Late 1920s.

He was like, this big
Image by Thorsten Becker
Alien: And then this big nasty predator jumps out at me and he has this really ugly face and he’s like… this big… huuugeee I tell ya.
Bossy Bear: Ummhmmm
Alien: And he goes like ‘grawwllllll’. Scared the pants off of me, well, if I would wear pants that is. Ya know what I mean… metaphorically speaking and so.
Bossy Bear: Ummhmmm
Alien: Well, anyway, so then he…”

Note to self: Don’t leave precious collectibles (often inaccurately referred to as "toys"… or even "dolleys") out on the table over night as wifey may come up with some funny ideas (posing by wifey, photo/story by me). See more here

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