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Cowboys & Aliens’ Effects! – Film Riot

by on Oct.15, 2011, under Funny Stuff

Click here for free HUD download: With Cowboys & Aliens hitting theaters, the team thought that they would try their hand at a few effects from the film! Plus, Josh made his own working wrist weapon… but with a twist! Check out more Cowboys & Aliens Effects Here:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • celticguardian951


  • ZuZuFarron21

    I Loved When Josh Shot Ryan and Ryan Squeaked 😀
    ROFL xxx

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  • siropsan

    Ha ha, tnx for gigawatts =)

  • 101shortshort

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  • cool555breeze

    “like giving birth to a velociraptor!” ROTFL!!

  • seancloudz

    Cloudz Of Drugs, upcoming short film.
    Make sure you tune in when it comes out.
    Also please check out our channel for cool Video FX videos!

  • SwimCoachC

    ah … Black Belt Jones, pure cinema greatness!

  • LaveraFlyora

    big thumbs up and i love the laugh ^^

  • Swaza13

    0:41 1.21 GIGAWATTS! thumbs up if you get that film reference 😉

  • alexandrabutiri2000

    I like the cute effect u guys have *wink wink* :))

  • CowboyMachine

    Here’s the sequel: /watch?v=frid-P7FrI4

  • LizaLoveful

    Um, I love Josh. <3 Ever since Teleportation Tourettes.

  • SoulessGoddess

    @SoulessGoddess that short film would capture that moment of regret…that moment that a person for once in there life….didn’t selfishly only think of them self’s…and only for the regret of the harm they have ever caused then one and espeactly in the harm they have caused there friends…because in that moment they realize just how beautiful there life and everyone else’s life’s are….That is why that moment is beautiful,..that is real.

  • SoulessGoddess

    @SoulessGoddess and why this feeling is so impotent and beautiful is for this reason, it takes away there own couptions…and helps them see more of a enlightenment of life..and them self’s and what truly matters, they only wish one thing in that quick moment, that they could take it all back and never do another selfish act that might cause someone harm again, in that moment it is a form of repentance, they are purer then in that moment then they have ever been in there whole life.

  • SoulessGoddess

    @SoulessGoddess but it happens…you see that all captures a moment that is priceless and far more realistic then most movie crap out there that shits out, there is nothing more personal and sad then the feelings a friend or loved one feels when they realized they just killed there loved ones or friends…and NO ONE can never take that away from them, you see with in that moment a person realizes there own faults and mistakes and regrets them.

  • SoulessGoddess

    @SoulessGoddess it captures with in that moment that death kills indescrimnly and captures how realistically it can be sometimes, that people can die from a simple mistake…that guy would of had no idea he just made something that killed him self and his own friends and in his own panic he hit him self with it not realizing it was going to kill them all, THAT is realistic, That is truth, that is no different then someone who drives drunk, they don’t expect to kill there friends in a car crash

  • SoulessGoddess

    @NitoriKun you can’t tell me there is no one out there who would like to see that to, if there are people who love saw and movies like it, for the gore just as much as the story, they will want to see it, and you do not have to watch it, there is alot of things in this world no one has to watch, and no one said it didn’t have a point or reason in the story, you ASUMED it had no point or reason, in short it beautifully captures the realisticaness that shit happens, Horrible mistakes happen

  • SoulessGoddess

    @NitoriKun lmao so wait…your telling me just because the saw movies had a story and a plot it made there horror any less sick or twisted?, how about the plot it self..the plot was beauty…engenius but also quite sick and twisted but also a good plot, it made alot of sense, it still was sick and twisted, what i was subjesting was no sick or twisted as a saw movie, and that’s fine, if you don’t want to see it and no one else is of the same mind of me, then so be it, But

  • Icybearg450

    so gay….yes yall gona die chockin on a big n thick dick bitchies

  • NitoriKun

    @SoulessGoddess Yes, but what you explained is just sick and twisted without any reason to back it up. At least in the Saw movies there was motive and a story to follow along with. Your idea just sounds like an excuse of a film to just show something horrible without any substance. This is fine the way it is, we don’t need to see an even darker version of a short and already black comedy.

  • SoulessGoddess

    @NitoriKun why would anyone want to watch saw movies?, why does anyone ever want to watch horror movies or sad movies ? or anything sick or twisted in movies?, for the sadness and drama of it and for other reasons, feeling lazy today in my explaining ^_^.

  • celebtv216

    this was awesome but how did u do that fold out thing at 00:35?

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