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Passover Sale

by on Nov.14, 2011, under Funny Stuff

Some cool funny images:

Passover Sale
Image by mhaithaca
*blink* Reportedly spotted at a supermarket in rural Alabama. Not that Passover stops me from eating pork… but it’s awfully incongruous. :-)

“Guess Who Loves You” by mimitalks, married w/children (Explored)
Image by mimitalks, married w/children
I know there are innumerable proofs of this all over the earth. Find out Who, no matter who you are or what you are or how you are, has an indescribable love for you.

I know for all of us there are times when it doesn’t seem possible that anybody loves us. We see the physical – that even for the supposedly perfect still holds flaws no one else really sees and plenty of those they do. Somehow we are judged for how exciting or vibrant we are, what benefit being with us will bring. The type of love so many embrace nowadays (not a pun) is shallow at best and self-seeking, here today and gone tomorrow or at least at some point. Nothing everlasting or secure or safe. That would be uncool. What will be uncool will be to discover someday suddenly it will all end in the twinkling of an eye, and the momentary pleasures and power we felt will be like our mortal bodies – dust of the air.

When that happens to me, when any earthly pleasures or pain become unreachable,
Someone will be waiting to take me home. Someone Who loves me.
Included in this set: Video Art/Creative, Build-it Slideshows – right on my photostream…
Also Included in this cool new group I’ve discovered:
Thematic Music Videos, Graphics Driven By Instrumental Music
Graphics done by using Paint Shop Pro 6, Video Art by using Pinnacle Studio 12
under Creative Commons License for noncommercial, nonderivative, attribution – please share

Wet Paint!
Image by soylentgreen23
Couldn’t resist taking a photo of this guy leaning against the side of this shop, what with the "Wet Paint" sign placed conspicuously next to him!

I need more practice at setting up shots beforehand – it’s a little blurry around the guy himself, seeing as I took this one as quickly as I could.


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