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Black Nerd Comedy – RIP Hannah Montana (Series Finale) : Black Nerd Comedy

by on Dec.09, 2011, under Funny Stuff

Q: Will you miss Hannah Montana? What will Miley do next? RIP HANNAH MONTANA (Series Finale) : Black Nerd Comedy – Hannah Montana Forever airs its final episode. I say goodbye with a “Hannah Montanalogue” featuring lyrics from some of the series’ hit songs. I also say a little something to stupid people who tweet fake celebrity deaths. MUSIC: “At Rest” by Kevin MacLeod SUBSCRIBE | 2ND CHANNEL: | FACEBOOK: | TWEET: BLACK NERD COMEDY: Sketches, Spoofs, Rants, Reviews, Interviews, Vlogs, Events, Music and Stand-Up from Actor/Comedian, Disney Channel Star and “Black Nerd” Andre Meadows. BLOG | SHOP TAGS rip hannah montana forever HannahMontana miley cyrus stewart MileyCyrus billy ray emily osment disney channel DisneyChannel season series finale final episode tweens teens girls salvia good luck charlie hoedown throwdown ice cream freeze justin bieber songs music monologue drama funny silly goofy laugh jokes black nerd comedy BlackNerd BlackNerdComedy AndreMeadows painting inspirational craft mitchel musso “montana miley” “montana movie” HONORS: #55 – Most Discussed (Today)) – Entertainment #144 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Entertainment – Canada #161 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Entertainment – Sweden #57 – Top Rated (Today)) – Entertainment

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25 Comments for this entry

  • aklesdude

    @pielover&ifrasser you both say things that go against what you first said what’s with that?

  • ihavmnyskills

    I never thought a monolouge of Hannah Montana songs would be so freaking awesome and dramatic! youre the best

  • tigesarepeopletoo


    great video. I saw something like this on Was that you?

  • morganhodder

    that was pretty good. i’d believe it more if you didn’t look away from the camera that much. if you’re really going to mean what you say, you really want to connect to your audience- so you’re going to have your eyes sort of glued to the camera- stare at us like you’re crawling into us with your gaze. then i’d completely buy it.

  • goldbarfer

    some gays are cool but I can’t handle the ones that go up to you and say your sexy that I can’t help

  • whoami9911

    i’m glade she’s gone but she did make a jurassic park reference in the last episode

  • Oscar20ism

    Did you really enjoy watching that show Hannah Montana? If so, why did you like it?

  • pielover100100

    @IFraserH not really, well anyways not the ones i know. they will NOT shut up with the gay comments. its uncomfortable. and i cant stand people that try and hide their homoness when its pretty obvious they’re gay.

  • IFraserH

    @pielover100100 Its not that there’s more gay guys than gay girls its just the girls are better at hiding it and behave like normal people

  • pielover100100

    @IFraserH well thats because a majority of gays are guys. and straight guys dont tend to put up with gay guys. and its understandable.

  • IFraserH

    @pielover100100 Almost all gays are too gay for me to handle…… Some I can put up with

  • pielover100100

    @IFraserH well some gays are cool to be friends with for me, but some are just TOO gay for me to handle. i dont like to make friends with lesbos though because it tends to get wierd after they make a comment like “that girl is really sexy” i mean i can stand guys saying something like that, but a girl saying it is way too akward.

  • IFraserH

    @pielover100100 I just stay away from gays because they’re usually annoying, I sometimes talk to the ones who act normally but I can’t stand the other ones.

  • pielover100100

    @IFraserH i thought you said your friends are dramatic. and the guys i know ARE very outgoing. and very wierd. but thats why i love them! wierd/ outgoing/ gay people are the best people you ever meet. but make sure you stay away from the wrong gay people because they will try and make a move on you. been there, went through that, never going back again…. im still scarred for life. but until then i thought she was okay.

  • IFraserH

    @pielover100100 Wow calm down a little, we aren’t that bad. Don’t label us as dramatic just because of the guys you know, the guys you know may just be very outgoing and we are all normal.

  • pielover100100

    @IFraserH wow. then your friends are VERY dramatic for being guys. because most of the guys i just know aren’t very dramatic (besides the gay ones, those guys will not ever shut up about their “horrible day because there is barely anyone that tolerate gay people. and how i’m such an awesome friend because i care” and crap like that)

  • IFraserH

    @pielover100100 Wow, the guys you hang out with are the complete opposite to me and/or my friends.

  • pielover100100

    @lucario717 im bipolar, therefore my moods are always changing.

  • pielover100100

    @IFraserH most of my friends are guys. they dont tell my how bad their day way or how this girl they are “absolutely in love with” doesnt know they exist or whatever. MOST girls ARE more dramatic than guys. the guys i hand out with are really laid back and almost never complain, and when they do they usually say thanks to me for listening, and then it barely ever happens again. and btw the guys i mostly hang out with have been my friends since about second grade.

  • IFraserH

    @pielover100100 Everyone says that girls are more dramatic and stuff than guys, I highly doubt that. Try spending a couple of weeks with a bunch of guys.

  • pielover100100

    @IFraserH well then i really admire your friend because its definately not as easy as your friend makes it look. i take pills every morning and its still hard to control my feelings. maybe its easy for guys, but girls are naturally dramatic and black and white all the time. adding bipolar to that is serious shit right there. and btw im not trying to use it as an exuse. im really not trying to come up with any excuse at all.

  • IFraserH

    @pielover100100 Right, now I’m kinda pissed, you think being bi-polar is an excuse? I understand it is a serious illness and I know people who have suffered from it so I know that its bad. You can’t just assume people are being un-necessarily being negative towards you. You need to try and control what makes you mad, my bi-polar friend did it and now he’s fine.

  • pielover100100

    @IFraserH dude i get that. i’ve been that way my whole life. i’m just not that way all the time. can’t u see that im not trying to be offensive now just because i understand your perspecctive? i am bipolar, i get mad. but getting mad isn’t just a bipolar thing. its human. i wasnt being rashonal because you got me pissed. i thought that u were just trying to be a smart ass which is why i got mad. but im not anymore. as i said before im bipolar. im happy sad and mad all in the same minute.

  • IFraserH

    @pielover100100 Take this as advice and not an offensive response, you need to learn to understand people have different views from yourself.

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