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Comedy Circus Ka Naya Daur – Episode 36 – 11th December 2011

by on Dec.15, 2011, under Funny Stuff

After 4 years and 12 successful seasons, the veterans of Comedy Circus now pair up with fresh talent.This season sees a veteran paired with a celeb mentoring a team with a new talent and a celeb. The eliminations will be on the cumulative score of the veteran team and the new team.Unusual and rib tickling combination of the old and new talent , comedy and antics making for the perfect weekend viewing.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • sukhdevdhoot

    Kapil yaar sabse bekar performance thi

  • 00tensonam

    @2481gaurav thanks , so rashmi is looking awesome in this episode loved her make up,

  • ritupatil12

    @gracy494 Yes Sa re Ga Ma Pa Contenstant 2011

  • gracy494

    is she singer ….sunghandha….?

  • gracy494

    sms ka chakkar kya hia koi samjhau muje…

  • realsupremo

    how dare this bloddy mantra is mocking kapil sharma loosing star ya rockstar.this bastard is nothing in front of kapil.kapil is much better actor and much better singer than this madarchod mantra.

  • realsupremo

    @crbukutube i myself feel sad for rajiv and sugandha as they deserved to be in semi final instead of mantra yet you can not compare rajiv with kapil.kapil sharma is best comedian in india even jhonny lever is nothing when kapil is on stage.his amazing timing,impeccable dialouge delivery,his versatile character portrayl,his face expressions all are uniqe.besides he is a great singer also.he is indeed a gem but we dont know his worth.had he been a pakistani he would have been a legend.

  • realsupremo

    kapil paji iam a big fan of your are not only a great actor but a fabulous singer also.but brother pleasse dont compromise with your quality.if comedy circus is playing politics with you and deliberately promoting krishna whose only fame is his relation with govinda than plese leave this is very rare to have a multitalented genius like have a huge fan following not only in india but in usa,canada leave this show right now as you wont have dearthof shows

  • boxing318

    The shit WRITER of this show is doing Politics too ! sorry ass piece of shit.

  • boxing318

    S#n of a bitch Writer of this Comedy circus smoke the shit before writing or? fu&kin dhoti don’t know he’s from a slum fuc#in shit . fucker try to show other country bad .Fu$kin papad write ‘about ur own family .fuc#in papad ke jhol.

  • realsupremo

    it is really sad that in india real talent is neglected.thats why we have to bring singers and artists from other is pathetic that a genuine talent like kapil is being treated like this. for the past one month or so his acts have been of poor quality.first of all krishna and sudesh are given 12 to 14 minutes time to show their rubbish comedy.kapil act comes very late.secondly this shweta is really manhoos for kapil.kapil should be dominant in the act as he is a one man army

  • realsupremo

    @cupofteaable i am abig fan of kapil sharma yet i feel that he is being deliberately provided with weak scripts having few punches.i dont know why are they doing so because it is kapil who has given a new meaning to comedy circus.he is a great actor,brilliant comedian and a fabulous singer.he was already famous before coming to comedy circus.he had won punjabi comedy show in 2006 judged by ghuggi and rakesh bedi and also won great indian laughter challenge 3 in 2007.

  • sudhanshu2987

    Come on People, Don awaits you.. Enter the DON 2 Competition, answer two simple questions and win tickets to DON 2.. Hurry the chase has began… follow the link to enter the competition (W)

  • 365supernova

    stop promoting movies here…. 😐

  • cupofteaable

    This season kapil will not win. for sure. krishna and sudesh will win coz of movie offer and also to promote the coming move of archana and krishan bol bachan.

  • cupofteaable

    bharti-sidhrths act was better than krishna and sudesh. there was newness in tha concept. why did archna gave them 9. partial

  • crbukutube

    scores are manuplated….

  • crbukutube

    now scores are all settings…
    Kapil many times not good performance still gets 10
    Rajiv is victim of discrimination… he is good performer n gets worst score

  • guzzy7860

    its so unfair for Rajeev And Sughanda is dat their writer never puts good and or asmany punches in them its unfair i think :(
    they are great the writer should write something different and more better punches!!

  • nikksandhu

    mantra and vishaka are really crap as compared to all others…

  • bishnusilwalchhetri

    comedy circus has been my fav show as it fully entertain us but I feel the judgement is fully biased .Sudesh has been the most talented yet krishna though he is not bad been highlighted all the times .i have sympathy for Rajeev too.Kapil as always been so much better.

  • hemantkain1

    they are making fun in cheap way of a friend country.

  • pankitzzz

    heartbreaking to see sugandha and rajiv go out

  • AsylumEscapist

    @bhattialka Kapil’s performance degraded bcoz, 1) they can’t see Kapil win, as the program results are now almost predictable, so weakest scripts are given to him. 2) to give coverage to shweta.

    Also, since winner of this program is to act in Sohail’s film, so this is another market strategy to introduce krushna as we know who’s nephew he is.

    Archana is being paid. She will speak what is told to her.

    In my honest opinion, Rajeev, Kapil, Mantra, Shweta- ONLY THESE FOUR, are the finest actors

  • bhattialka

    krushna is a rubbish comedian…..sudesh is much better….archana always biased!!!!rajeev thakur has shown the maximum improvement in his standard and he is out???1!!!!

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