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HotForWords – HotForWords – My First Car Story! Horrified by the cows in Russia!

by on Jan.09, 2012, under Funny Stuff – Share your “My First Car” stories on Twitter with the hashtag #myfirstcar, or on YouTube with the tag MyFirstCar and submit your stories to http for the chance to win a trip to London to see the Top gear live experience Follow me on TWITTER HERE Join me on FACEBOOK HERE Hello my dear students… BBC America is having a fun contest where you submit a fun story about your fur at car and they will show their favorite ones on the new season of Top Gear which is one of my favorite shows plus you can win a trip to London to go see the Top gear live experience.. Details at the end of this video. So… The word Car, believe it or not, goes way back further than the car itself. It comes from the Latin carrum which meant a two wheel Celtic war chariot. Which in turn came from the Gaulish karros meaning cart. So the word originally referred to a chariot and a cart. The reason why I bring thus up, is because my first car was not much more than an old chariot or even a cart. I grew up in Russia and Russia has some funny cars, if I may say so myself… especially my first car. My first car was my dad’s car that I used to borrow when he had had one too many beverages if you know what I mean and fell asleep on his favorite chair. It was MY car as far as I was concerned, though my father may not have agreed. In Russia this car was considered a decent car, but it was a ridiculously stupid color that I was embarrassed to drive on my dates
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